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Handicap Information

Information for Sailors when viewing the individual Handicap (PHS) race results on the Club Website. The following is an explanation of the columns related to Handicaps.

The column headed :-

AHC = Allocated Handicap.
This is the handicap value allocated to the competitor for this particular race.

BCH = Back Calculated Handicap.
This is the handicap that each competitor would have needed to have an equal handicap corrected finish time to all other competitors in the race. It is a direct measurement of each competitor’s actual relative performance. The higher the BCH, the better the performance. If the BCH is higher than the AHC, then the competitor has performed better than his handicap.

CHC = Computer Calculated Handicap.
This is the new Calculated handicap value that is passed forward and becomes the AHC, the Allocated Handicap, for the next race.

At the commencement of a new Series, a competitor’s AHC will be the CHC of the last race of the most recent fully completed series.