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Membership enquiry

Membership to Mt. Martha Yacht Club

Thank you for expressing interest in joining Mt. Martha Yacht Club (MMYC). The Club offers great “off the beach” sailing across various yachting classes and a vibrant social atmosphere for Families, Seniors, Students and Juniors and we welcome applications for new membership.

Applications for membership can be made as follows:

  • By downloading our applications on our website at: membership application
  • Completing all sections of the forms including Membership details, Yard Application ensuring all the details are complete including email addresses and contact details (if you have a yacht or kayak, please also attach a copy of the Yacht’s insurance certificate)
  • The form then needs to be signed by a current member (proposer) and seconded by a current MMYC Flag bearer (listed below)

Please Note: Only Club members of two years standing may propose or second applicants for membership. It is expected that proposing Members will fully inform candidates on the privileges and responsibilities of membership. Applicants who do not know members, who can propose and/or second their application, will be asked to meet with the Membership Officer to discuss membership following receipt of their application form.

  • Send the completed application to the Membership Officer via mail or email with your full payment. 

  • Note there is a joining fee for Senior and Family members. A yard fee is payable for the storage of yachts and kayaks.

  • Any outstanding fees will be invoiced separately.

  • Applicants may be asked to meet the Membership Officer at the Club to discuss the application.

  • Payment Details are as follows:

By mail:

Mount Martha Yacht Club Inc

P.O. Box 9

Mount Martha VIC 3934

 (please reference your name on any payments)

- Applications can be sent to the Membership Officer c/o Mt Martha Yacht Club, PO Box 9 , Mt Martha 3904 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- The Membership Officer will then present the application at the next General Committee meeting for approval by a simple majority of Committee Members present.  

- Once accepted, you will be notified by email of your acceptance as per your membership status and your request for yard space. 


Information and Notes to help complete your Membership Application Form

Please click on link for list of office bearers      Office bearers

Please click on link for Schedule of fees    Fee schedule

Membership Categories

  • Membership categories include:
  • Seniors: 18 years & over as at 1 July 2013 (and not a full-time student under 25);
  • Family: Member, spouse/partner and dependent children under 18 as at 1 July 2013 and children aged 18 – 24 as at 1 July 2013 engaged in full-time education;
  • Junior: Under 18 years as at 1 July 2013 and not part of a Family Membership;
  • Student: Full Time and Under 25 years as at 1 July 2013 and not part of a Family Membership.
  • Absentee Member: Living Interstate or Overseas for a period of not greater than 5 years.
  • Retired Member: long standingMember no longer Sailing or Kayaking


Sailors – Boats need to be registered each new Club Year. MMYC Registration tags are compulsory and required for all boats using the Yacht Club and boats will not be eligible for racing or yard space unless both fees and boat registration is complete in the current sailing year. This also means the boats certificate of insurance. 

On payment of your fees and receipt of your Yard Application Form, your boat will be designated yard space for the season and be issued with a MMYC Registration tag to be attached to your boat. Regular sailing Members will be given yard preference over the season.

The MMYC Boat Registration Form can be found on the MMYC website and is attached as the last page of this document.

Yachting Australia Silver Card 


Membership of the Mount Martha Yacht Club as a Family, Senior, Junior or Student member automatically provides you and your Family members with membership of Yachting Australia and the benefits associated with that membership including personal accident insurance (for full details of coverage refer to the YA website).

The card acknowledges each person’s membership to the yacht club and provides for personal accident insurance cover when sailing or involved in the club’s activities for cardholders aged between 5 and 85 years. The cover includes death and disability, non-Medicare medical expenses and, for income earners, a weekly accident benefit.  Note that it does not include damage to property, notably boats, which is the responsibility of each owner to insure separately.


Club Key: One key is supplied as part of any Membership; additional keys are available via the Membership Officer at $20.00 each.

Newsletter. This is sent by email unless you wish to pay $ 20 to receive by mail.

Membership Checklist:

Membership Application fully complete including:

 - All family member names, contact details including 1 or 2 email addresses and mobile phone numbers, craft details listed.

 - Proposer and Seconder signatures.

- Payment calculated correctly including Yard fee, Membership fee and Joining Fee.

- Yard Application Completed including a copy of certificate of Insurance attached

- Application emailed (pdf) or mailed and full payment sent.


How Can You Help The Club ?

Each year we roster members to assist on race days and around the club.


The club seeks member assistance in 4 key areas


    Sea Patrol

Whilst all experienced sailors will continue to be rostered on to ”patrol duty”, all able members are asked to assist as “assistants” on patrol boats involved in course setting, starting procedure and race safety.  

Race Management

Assisting the Officer of the day (OOD) we roster all Members during the course of the Sailing season to assist in the Race tower to ensure the smooth running of each race series. 

All Sailors and Kayakers are requested as part of membership to ‘learn the ropes’ in this important aspect of our club which aids the resources and experience of the current membership base.

Social Events

The club prides itself on the number and variety of social events held during the season.  

The social committee co-ordinates the activities for the coming season.  Usually it is left to a handful of members to set up the venue and organise the entertainment for most events.  Members would be made most welcome if they could assist in this area.

Clubhouse & Yard Maintenance

The maintenance of the club occurs not only during working bees, but all throughout the season.  

If you would like to help out in any way please let us know as we can always use assistance around the Club.


Conditions of Membership

By submitting your application for membership with Mt Martha Yacht Club, you, as member(s), agree to

be bound by the Rules and By-Laws of the Mt Martha Yacht Club, the Sailing Instructions and the following conditions of


Each member acknowledges the possibility of and accepts the risks associated with:

a) the perils of the sea;

b) the seaworthiness or otherwise of any yacht participating in events organised by Mt. Martha Yacht Club;

c) the participation, including negligent participation, by all persons in on water and off water events organised by Mt. Martha

Yacht Club, including participation as owner, charterer, crew person, official, race organiser or otherwise; and

d) the defaults, acts and omissions, of Mt Martha Yacht Club and its officers, and the crews of all yachts.

Each member acknowledges and agrees that Mt Martha Yacht Club does not and cannot control, diminish or affect the perils of the

sea and may not be in a position to provide advice, assistance or support to yachts and crews during the course of a race.

Each member agrees that:

a) it is a fundamental condition of membership that the member releases, holds harmless and indemnifies the Mt Martha

Yacht Club, its office bearers, servants, agents and members and sponsors from all liability any of those persons has to

the member or any crew member on the members yacht, or to any person claiming through or under any such person

arising from loss or damage howsoever caused, including negligent act or omission, arising out of or relating to:

(i) Participation by the members yacht or any other yacht in a race;

(ii) the conduct or course of the race in any respect including, without limitation, any act or omission (whether

reasonably foreseeable or not) causing or relating to loss of or damage to any yacht or the death or injury of any


(iii) off water activities conducted by Mt Martha Yacht Club; or 

b) participation by the member in events organised by Mt Martha Yacht Club, including on and off water activities, is agreed

by Mt Martha Yacht Club on the basis that participation is entirely at the risk of the member and each member of the crew

on the members yacht; and

c) the member will provide each crew member or proposed crew member with a copy of these conditions.

Code of Conduct

Yachting Australia has issued a Member Protection Policy which includes Codes of Conduct to ensure that all members of the

sailing community are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

For all members,

Yachting Australia requests that every individual and organization referred to in this policy to:-

1. Be ethical, fair and honest in all their dealings with other people and Yachting Australia;

2. Treat all persons with respect and courtesy and have proper regard for their dignity, rights and obligations;

3. Always place the safety and welfare of children above other considerations;

4. Comply with Yachting Australia's constitution, rules and policies including this member protection policy;

5. Operate within the rules and spirit of the sport;

6. Comply with all relevant Australian laws (Federal and State), particularly anti-discrimination and child protection laws,


7. Be responsible and accountable for their conduct in accordance with any Role-Specific Codes of Conduct.


For sailing/boating participants,

Competitors are expected to comply with the Basic Principle outlined in the Racing Rules of Sailing – “Sportsmanship and the

five Fundamental Rules”

As a competitor you shall:

• Be tolerant of other users of the waterways and surrounding environs.

• Never argue with an official.

• Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials and sledging other sailors/boating participant, deliberately distracting or

provoking an opponent are not acceptable or permitted behaviour.

• Not abuse other crew members.

• Be a good sport. Applaud your opponents when they get one up on you.

• Treat all participants as you like to be treated. Do not bully or try to take an unfair advantage of another competitor.

• Cooperate with your fellow sailors/boating participants, without them there would be no competition.

• Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit not just to please others.

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or