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Moth fleet expands !

Howdy all MMYC sailors! As you would have seen during the last couple of seasons, I have ventured into the International Moth Class. I was first given a go late in the 08/09 season and was hooked straight away. The feeling of speed and silence is something that you can’t describe properly without experiencing it for yourself. Since then I have updated to the latest design, the Mach 2. The Moth Class is the oldest in Victoria and possibly Australia, the State Championship trophy dates back to 1932!

This year we have 5 Moths registered with MMYC, the biggest fleet in Victoria! The class is very exciting and there is always a lot of interest where ever we go. As a developmental class (limited class rules), we have the freedom to experiment with just about everything.


leigh dunstan   sam england   paul fleming   kyle ross   richard jackson

The most exciting thing right now is the coming season! 3 Moths sailed last Sunday with varying results. I had a few problems with my wand in the first race and lost count of my crashes. The wind was a nice and cool 15-18 knots, but the waves were a bit of a problem. These boats excel in flat water, waves are speed bumps at 20 plus knots and life can become quite tricky avoiding them! Still, it was good to get into it for another season and beat the cats in the second race.

So I could go on about quite a lot of things here, but the main reason for the little article is to introduce you to our new fleet of Moths and their superstar sailors, other than myself  (in no particular order):

Leigh Dunstan

 leigh dunstan

Leigh is the current Victorian Int. Moth Class Association President and great ambassador for Moths and sailing in general. He sports a few sponsors and is an avid organiser of the Victorian Moth Class Grand Prix Series and State Championships. He also works part time for Mach 2 and is the man to speak to about getting into the class. Leigh has a long sailing background in Port Phillip Bay and I am proud to have got him to join MMYC this year.

Sam England

sam england

Sam is one of the nicest girls I have ever meet in the sailing world. Not only has she got the look, but she can beat up us guys on the water. You might recognise her from the front of an Australian Sailing magazine and various other sponsor shots she has been in. She is the current Vic. & Australian Moth Women’s Champion and has been multiple World Women’s Champion in the Moth. Look out for her and say hi!

Paul Fleming

paul fleming

Paul is good mates with Leigh and has had a bit on the last couple of seasons to keep up with the class developments. Congratulations to him and his family for having their second baby in the last couple of days! Paul is a very keen and experienced sailor, he also works on and around the oil rigs in Bass Strait! We hope he can update to the Mach 2 design in the next year or so.

Kyle Ross

kyle ross 

Kyle is completing his year 12 studies this year and will be a late starter to the season. He has been in the class for a number of years now and has the smarts to show it. Multiple Vic Moth Junior champion and the envy of many kids his age. Kyle is also a member at McCrae YC and has a lot of experience and maturity for his age.


Please make these guys welcome and help them out if they look lost!


We look forward to sharing the race track with you! Just on that, we will try and avoid you at all costs, so don’t be afraid of us!


Look forward to providing you all with a bit of entertainment on the water. More reports to come as we get into the season!


Richard Jackson

richard jackson