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DUTY ROSTER 2014-2015

It is the responsibility of the OOD and Duty officers to find replacements in the event that they are unable to perform their duties. Please change with someone from the same category.

It is essential to advise any Duty Roster changes that are made to either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This allows the website roster to be altered for future reference.

Any change needs to be effected at least 1 week prior to your rostered date

The club cannot function without Patrol boats and a Manned tower

If you are the OOD then find out what is required of you - click on link Officer Of The Day Duties. Tower Assistants and Patrol Boat Crew refer to Notes on Website Home page.

Event Day Date Time Races OFFICER OF THE DAY Tower Assistant 1 Tower Assistant 2 Patrol Boat Patrol Boat Patrol Boat

Icebreaker Series Sunday 5-Oct 2.00pm Races 1+2 Richard Clarke Paul Swindells Tim Dash Jonathan Vaudrey
Icebreaker Series Sunday 12-Oct 2.00pm Races 3+4 Gil Garnier Peter Campbell Gavin Wylie Dean Stone
Icebreaker Series Sunday 19-Oct 2.00pm Races 5+6 Peter Bird Geoffrey Thomas Matthew Hannaford Peter Bott
Icebreaker Series Sunday 26-Oct 2.00pm Races 7+8 Adrian Black Luke Armstrong John Hodge Geoff Ralphs

Spring Series Sunday 2-Nov 2.00pm Races 1+2 Greg Burkhalter Andrew Davies Megan Rollason Andrew Quayle Mark Lane Dave verLinden
Spring Series Sunday 9-Nov 2.00pm Races 3+4 Lachlan Callander James Syme Loraine Heiler Marcus Clarke Martin Foad Scott Farley

Opening Day Regatta Sunday 16-Nov 2.00pm Peter Dodgshun David Barraclough Tina Bott Andrew Coffey Chris Seager Ken Liscombe

Spring Series Sunday 23-Nov 2.00pm Races 1+2 Marshall Bickford Cathy Bickford KayeYoung Paul Fleming Chris Whitford Derek lamb
Spring Series Sunday 30-Nov 2.00pm Races 3+4 Jamie Christensen Margaret Coghlan Peter Schubert Howard Proctor Sarah Ogilvie Neil Campbell

Twilight Series 1 Wednesday 3-Dec 6.30pm Jonathan Vaudrey Paul Heyes Adam Rouse Geoff Oliver
Christmas Series Sunday 7-Dec 2.00pm Races 1+2 Howard Critchley Greg Zadow Tim Roberts Harvey Richards Rick Rogers Simon Boyd
Twilight Series 1 Wednesday 10-Dec 6.30pm Tim Whitford Sarah Morrow Craig Roper Tim Howes
Christmas Series Sunday 14-Dec 2.00pm Races 3+4 David Porritt Helen Lovett Ian Wallis Brent Frankcombe Darren Putland Woody Wunsch
Twilight Series 1 Wed 17-Dec 6.30pm Chris Seager Gary Richards Ken Christensen Michael Jopp
Christmas Series Sunday 21-Dec 2.00pm Races 5+6 Warren Smith John Morgan Jayne Turner Richard Jackson Sean Turnbull Peter Dodghsun
Christmas Series Sunday 28-Dec 2.00pm Races 7+8 Fleur Scrivens Joe Marich Monica Horsburgh John Old Michel vanderZwaard Tim Dash
Twilight Series 1 Wed 31-Dec 6.30pm Stuart Facey Warren Morse Brad Poyser Richard Turner

Saturday Series Saturday 3-Jan 2.00pm Races 1+2 Tony Paul Peter Bott Keith How Rob Debenham
Club Champs/Holiday Series Sunday 4-Jan 2.00pm Races 1+2 David Andrew David Curtis Jenny Curtis Aaron O'Donoghue Daniel Carr Samantha England
Twilight Series 2 Wednesday 7-Jan 6.30pm Megan deLange Lisa Gould David Caruso Paul Sayers Tim Whitford Peter Campbell.
Saturday Series Saturday 10-Jan 2.00pm Races 3+4 Harvey Richards Sion Davies Warren Smith Greg Burkhalter
Club Champs/Holiday Series Sunday 11-Jan 2.00pm Races 3+4 Denny kerr Roger de Maid Ann scally Andrew Quayle Leigh Mummery Marshall bickford
Twilight Series 2 Wednesday 14-Jan 6.30pm Ian Gould Michael Bragg Monica Whittaker Mark Morriss Jane Vaudrey Marcus Clarke
Saturday Series Saturday 17-Jan 2.00pm Races 5+6 Ian Vaughan Adrian Black Ian Wood Fergus Nutt
Club Champs/Holiday Series Sunday 18-Jan 2.00pm Races 5+6 Neil Cullen Maureen Cullen Peter Batchelor Ian Robertson Stuart Facey Matt Cullen
Twilight Series 2 Wednesday 21-Jan 6.30pm John Manders Jan Manders Prue Holstein Brent Frankcombe Paul Swindells Stuart Hutchison
Saturday Series Saturday 24-Jan 2.00pm Races 7+8 Anthony Richards Scott Farley Tony Cullen Matthew Hannaford

Australia Day Regatta Sunday 25-Jan 2.00pm David Luscombe Dianne Luscombe Artur Maliszewski Ken Christensen Ben Scrivens Luke Armstrong

Twilight Series 2 Wednesday 28-Jan 6.30pm Marshall Clake Cate Clarke Geoff Lawson Derek Lamb Gavin Wylie Geoff Ralphs
SBSC Challenge @ SBSC Sunday 1-Feb 1.00 pm Sarah Morrow Rick Rogers Euan McKay
Twilight Series 2 Wednesday 4-Feb 6.30pm Michael Jopp Tim Roberts Joe Marich Daniel Carr Craig Roper Gil Garnier

Club Champs/Holiday Series Sunday 8-Feb 2.00pm Races 7+8 John Morgan Kaye Young Sue Simmonds David Andrew Andrew Quayle Howard Critchley
Twilight Series 2 Wednesday 11-Feb Geoff Oliver Penny Eichstadt Heather Halstead Neil Campbell Sarah Ogilvie Leigh Dunstan
Club Champs/Holiday Series Sunday 15-Feb 2.00pm Races 9+10 Damian Moloney Platon Maniotis Woody Wunsch Tim Howes Jamie Christensen Martin Foad
Twilight Series 2 Wednesday 18-Feb Chris Whitford Ian Wallis Helen Lovett Sean Turnbull Jayne Turner Sion Davies
Club Champs/Holiday Series Sunday 22-Feb 2.00pm Races 11+12 Mark Lane Brett Cuthbertson Trenna Whitford Fergus Nutt Dave verLinden Gary Richards
Twilight Series 2 Wednesday 25-Feb Andrew Coffey Val Richards Matthew Hazewinkel Adam Rouse Paul Sayers Warren Smith
Club Champs/Holiday Series Sunday 1-Mar 2.00pm Races 13+14 Stuart Hutchison Monica Horsburgh John Wuiske David Curtis Ken Liscombe Peter Bird

Autumn Series Sunday 8-Mar 2.00pm Races 1+2 Rob Debenham Woody Wunsch Peter Jones John Hodge Jane Vaudrey Denny kerr
Long distance race Monday 9-Mar Michel vanderZwaard ? Anyone needed ? Anyone needed Tony Paul Greg Dalton Simon Boyd
Autumn Series Sunday 15-Mar 2.00pm Races 3+4 Richard Turner David Blanck Ian Vaughan Ian Wood Anthony Richards Ros Collins

SBSC Challenge @ MMYC Sunday 22-Mar 1.00 pm Martin Thraves Judy Foreman Mick Wunderly Paul Heyes Aaron O'Donoghue Howard Proctor

Laser State Titles Saturday 28-Mar TO BE FILLED Margaret Coghlan Jan Jones Warren Smith John Manders Tim Dash
Laser State Titles Sunday 29-Mar TO BE FILLED David Barraclough Andrew Davies Matt Cullen Andrew Jones Leigh Dunstan

Easter Regatta Saturday 4-Apr 2.00pm Tony Cullen Birgit Goetz Greg Zadow Damian Moloney Geoffrey Thomas Euan McKay
Easter Regatta Sunday 5-Apr 2.00pm Warren Morse Carolinegrayley Jane How Fleur Scrivens Brad Poyser Leigh Mummery
Easter Regatta Monday 6-Apr 2.00pm David Baer Peter Schubert Liz Turnbull Mark Morriss Dean Stone Paul Fleming

Autumn Series Sunday 12-Apr 2.00pm Races 5+6 Greg Dalton Kate Hawkins James Syme Keith How Megan deLange Lachlan Callander
Autumn Series Sunday 19-Apr 2.00pm Races 7+8 Richard Jackson John Douglas Lyn Douglas David Porritt Samantha England Darren Putland

Sternchaser Sunday 26-Ap 10.00am John Old Charles Beckwith GaryBarnett Andrew Quayle Ian Robertson Ben Scrivens