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Patrol Boat Policy
Purpose of our Patrol Boat Fleet
The primary purpose of the clubs patrol boat fleet is to set our race courses, start and finish races and to monitor the fleet during racing. In addition the boats are used for club and class coaching.
On non race days “Thorn” can be used for rescues in the Balcombe Bay area if a member of the committee with a key to the shed is on hand and provided a person with a boat licence is available to drive. Otherwise members are advised to either contact the life saving club or the coast guard if a rescue is required.
Authorised Drivers.
The patrol boat fleet as specialized equipment is stored in secure sheds and a nominated officer is responsible for maintenance, servicing, and petrol supply. Each boat has a launch check list which the nominated driver on the day is responsible for completing prior to launch. The club has a group of nominated drivers for its patrol boat fleet and a roster for race and club coaching days. The boats are not to be used by any other person unless prior permission is given by a nominated member of the Committee. Upon request the boats are available for class coaching at the club either with a club nominated driver or a boat licensed class coach.
When a group of members are competing in a championship event at a nearby club, they may request a patrol boat to be made available for coaching and support purposes. The club does not have adequate boat trailers and boats can only be driven to nearby clubs. This request is to be made in writing to the secretary at least two week prior to the event and must nominate the driver/coach, and supply a copy of his/her boat license. If approved the nominated driver must attend a briefing at the club prior to departure.


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Last Sunday morning the Victorian Laser Association held one of their 2 weekly training days at Mt.Martha Yacht Club. The locals seemed a little put off by the fact there was no hot water for showers. Thus in the end only Aaron Slight & myself where the only members on the water in a decreasing breeze that ended up about 10-15kts with a moderate sea left over from the weeks windy weather!
The others that sailed came from Sorrento, McCrae, and Somers to enjoy multiple starts and very short informal races. The session lasted about 2 hours before we left the dolphins to it and called it a day as another small front approached.
Next day will hopefully be at Mornington Yacht Club….hopefully with hot water!
See you there to shake off the winter blues!

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Thank you to Gillian Montgomery and Val Richards for presenting the trophies.


Information for Sailors when viewing the individual Handicap (PHS) race results on the Club Website. The following is an explanation of the columns related to Handicaps.

The column headed :-

AHC = Allocated Handicap.
This is the handicap value allocated to the competitor for this particular race.

BCH = Back Calculated Handicap.
This is the handicap that each competitor would have needed to have an equal handicap corrected finish time to all other competitors in the race. It is a direct measurement of each competitor’s actual relative performance. The higher the BCH, the better the performance. If the BCH is higher than the AHC, then the competitor has performed better than his handicap.

CHC = Computer Calculated Handicap.
This is the new Calculated handicap value that is passed forward and becomes the AHC, the Allocated Handicap, for the next race.

At the commencement of a new Series, a competitor’s AHC will be the CHC of the last race of the most recent fully completed series.


Saturday November 28 at 9.00am. 

All Laser gear and equipment 20 % off to all attendees.

On water coaching by the Laser association.

BBQ for all participants.

RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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